Workers’ Compensation

workers_compensation_injury-300x199Neret, Finlay & Nguyen, LLP has effectively defended employers, insurance carriers, third party servicing agents, and uninsured employers throughout the State of Florida. We have over 25 years of combined experience in the area of Workers’ Compensation and have tried cases before most of the Judges of compensation claims in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Tampa, and Jacksonville Districts of the Division of Administrative Hearings.

In addition to handling routine Workers’ Compensation claims, the firm has vast experience in defending tuberculosis, heart disease, and hypertension claims brought by police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. The firm represents several municipalities with respect to such claims. Additionally, the firm has successfully defended claims involving repetitive motion cases, toxic exposure cases, and occupational disease cases. The representation of our clients expands from pre-litigation issues, to mediations, Final Hearings, and appeals.

Neret, Finlay & Nguyen, LLP actively counsels our clients on issues dealing with return to work policies and Drug-Free Workplace Program requirements. We also regularly assist our clients in obtaining recovery of Workers’ Compensation liens from third party recovery agents and also assist our clients in obtaining reimbursements from the Special Disability Trust Fund.

The firm also counsels employers with general compliance requirements for Workers’ Compensation coverage. We represent employers when a Stop-Work Order has been issued by the Florida Department of Financial Services for alleged failure to secure payment of Workers’ Compensation. We defend employers when they are accused of misrepresenting or concealing employees’ duties to avoid proper classification for premium calculations and misrepresentation of payroll to reduce Workers’ Compensation premiums. We work expeditiously to have the Stop-Work Orders lifted.

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